What to Do if You Get Caught in a Storm While Driving

What May Be Causing Your Wobbly Wheels

When you hold onto your steering wheel, you want it to be steady — and you definitely don’t want to feel vibrations through it. If you feel vibrations in your steering wheel, there is probably a bigger issue at play. Wheel Hub Often times, the wheel hub is to blame when you experience vibrations in […]

4 Signs You Need A New Alternator

If you are experiencing loss of power in your vehicle, you might assume it is due to your battery. However, if you have recently replaced your battery and are still experiencing issues, it could be due to the alternator. The alternator is a very important piece of equipment underneath the hood, providing power for the […]

No Statute Of Limitations On Learning: Drive When You Are Eighteen Or Eighty

Living in Canada means that you have a choice between learning how to drive or relying on public transportation. Many older adults may not have a license because they find the trains, buses and taxis sufficient for their transportation needs. Younger citizens and residents often prefer to get their licenses because of the association of […]